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Feb 17, 2013 10:00pm EST
is ffnally leveling off in the u-s. 3 the ccd-ccreports innluenza activvty decreased in many areas off he country - last week. 21 states arr reporttiggmoderate to higg & activity. 11 reported low acttvity .... and 16 reporting minimaa. 3 older people haad with more than half offhospitaliiations involving dults over 65. 3 from the virrs thhs season. experts ay it's not too laae to get vaccinated and - if yoo've already had the flu this season... it does not mean you''e rottcced from getting ittagain..- 3 16-36"there is still aachance that you caa have it again strain goong around. and the flu vvccine nll covers thheee strainss so if you've not gotttn the flu shot you wwll potentially gee ooe oo thosee havv gotten the flu shot there stiil is chance you cannget -3& a straii that's going around that's nnt in the vaacine." flu mayylast longer than the early spring. 3 fuul costs continue ttoclimb....-&pclimb...the average rice forr - across he countrr is uu to 3- 67 a gallon... an increase of 12 cents in he
Feb 15, 2013 10:00pm EST
airforce brokk out from the army corps in the mid 1940's. it's going tt take a dramatic toll on the u.s.. militaay, and it's going to ssop us fromm eing in he places that we need o be at." at." ourr.. mmdia partner, -3& ...the washington guardian,... --3 has been closely political game'... of... what it caals... 'sequester chicken.''../// read.... ore about it ... byy.. going to... foxbaltimore ot com...// follow... he link... 33 3 a grease fire in a homm in alabbma... quiccly spreads... ----xplosion nats--- nats--- 3 aanexplosion inside the home firrfighters.. who were on their way intoothe home... to thh grouud.officcals ay an oxygen tank inside the home is what caused he fireballl and the family f ix who lived in tte house... all made & it out without injury. 3 a... horrific scenee.. at... rooe's international airport... as... a pteenagerr.. sets himsell on &pfire...//. tv crees... caaght the smoke and flames on camera...// thh 19--year old man --/ an... asylum seeker... from
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2